How to Enter

Please read through all the steps before starting your awards entry. We suggest you prepare your submission question answers offline before making your submission online:

  1. Go to the Categories page on the awards website
  2. Click on link to the category you wish to enter this will open another page.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen.
  4. Complete the contact details for your first entrant (correspondence will be sent to this entrant)
  5. Complete contact details for your second entrant (if appropriate) and counter-signing manager
  6. Complete you submission online, observing the word count. We suggest you prepare your answer offline and then cut and paste onto the website.
  7. The entry system may timeout, so if you choose not to prepare your answers offline in advance, you should work swiftly.
  8. Confirm and submit your entry, submission is final, you will be emailed a copy of your entry with your confirmation email. 
  9. You may not return to your entry to make amendments so if you wish to make changes you must contact the awards team directly.
  10. You must submit your entries before 5pm Monday 30 January 2017 

If you have any queries regarding your awards entry please contact us on 020 8334 4500